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    By: Dr Stuart Ditchek & Dr Russ Greenfield

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    The Essential Guide to Raising Healthy Kids in the 21st Century.

    Is it safe to use antibiotics for my child's recurring ear infections? Are my kids watching too much TV? How can I protect my baby from toxins in the air and water? What effect does popular culture have on my kids? My friends say that some vaccines cause autism. Is this true? How safe are herbs for my children?

    At a time when caring for our children has become increasingly complex and parents are bombarded with new and conflicting information, Drs Ditchek and Greenfield provide parents with authoritative and thorough advice for raising healthy kids. As open-minded but conventionally trained physicians, they blend the best of conventional medicine and proven alternative approaches for keeping children healthy.

    With the goal of optimising children's natural healing systems, the authors offer reliable information on the latest conventional and alternative treatments for common childhood ailments - from colic to ear infections, asthma, allergies, viral illnesses, and more - and explain which therapies are safe and effective for children.

    Filled with insightful wisdom, 'Healthy Child, Whole Child' is sure to become the essential, definitive child-care resource for a new generation of parents.

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