Heard The One About...?

Heard The One About...? by Nick Holt
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151 x 197mm

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We all enjoy jokes, but the problem is that some of us are better than others at remembering them. Help is at hand with this hugely entertaining selection of jokes that will entertain you when you read it and that will increase your supply of jokes for every occasion. The book, with its lively design, is organised thematically, giving a great variety of subjects and style of jokes.

The themes covered include:

• Silly stuff;
• Knock! Knock! jokes;
• Little Johnny in class (School jokes);
• Take My Wife (Wife jokes);
• Who Needs Men? (Feminist jokes);
• Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? (Animal jokes);
• This Parrot Is No More! (Pet Jokes);
• Doctor, Doctor!;
• Pin-striped and Pompous (Businessman jokes);
• This Working Life (Office jokes);
• Gag-dot-com (Computer jokes);
• At The Bar 1 (Lawyer jokes);
• A Good Walk Spoiled (Golf jokes);
• Press-ups & Jerks (Sport jokes);
• At The Bar 2 (Bar-room jokes);
• TV gems (Sitcom gags and one-liners);
• The Missing Link (stupid people, blondes etc.);
• Those Damn Yankees (including Redneck jokes);
• Political Jokes (including Bush-isms);
• An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman;
• Naughty jokes (a slightly risquÉ section);
• Laughed? I Nearly Died (Funeral & Pearly gates jokes);
• Pass The Port! (After-dinner yarns);
• The Last Word (Some great epitaphs and put-downs to finish.).

Enjoy the jokes and share them generously.
Publication Date:
11 / 12 / 2006
151 x 197mm

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