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    Hirohito And The Making Of Modern Japan

    By: Herbert P Bix

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    This definitive and controversial biography of the Japanese emperor reveals his surprising role in World War II and the history of 20th century Japan.

    Trained since childhood to lead his nation as a living deity, Japan's Emperor Hirohito cultivated the image of a reluctant, detached monarch, a facade which masked a fierce cunning and powerful ambition. This book traces the key events of his 63-year reign (1926 to 1989), shedding light on his uniquely active yet self-effacing stewardship.

    Debunking the common image of Hirohito as a pawn in the hands of the military, the emperor's personal involvement is exposed in every stage of the Pacific War. The book shows how Hirohito avoided punishment for his nation's defeat and how the Japanese people have struggled to come to terms with this dark chapter in their history.

    Written in rich and vivid detail, 'Hirohito And The Making Of Modern Japan' brings new clarity to the impact this enigmatic figure has had on Japan and its place on the world stage.

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