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    By: Ann Maurice

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    How to Add $$$s to the Value of Your Home

    Straight-talking Californian property stylist and TV presenter, Ann "The Doctor" Maurice gives practical, inexpensive advice on how to present any type of home to the market in its best possible light, and clinch that all-important sale.

    The focus of this book is not on dramatic or extreme make-overs, but on styling the home you have to maximum advantage, and without spending a fortune. While aimed primarily at people wishing to sell their home, the book also provides plenty of ideas for people looking to smarten up their property, both inside and out, and then enjoy the results themselves.

    The illustrations, from many of the real-life, on-site cases filmed for the TV series of the same name, show how each room in turn can be turned into a style winner. The book looks at a range of different types of property, from contrasting geographical areas, paying particular attention to that all-important first impression.

    'House Doctor' explains what your home style and colours say about the home - and about you.

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