How Dangerous Men Think And How To Stay Safe For Life

How Dangerous Men Think And How To Stay Safe For Life by Brent Sanders
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132 x 210mm

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With extensive experience studying rapists and other dangerous men, Brent Sanders knows that the most effective device you will ever have is your brain. By teaching us to understand how sexual predators think, he shows us how that knowledge can be used against threatening men. From sexual harassment and date rape to armed assailant and gang rape scenarios, Brent uses the extensive experience he has amassed to identify and explain how the men involved think, and how women can ensure their own safety from these men.

With strategies including the "dog on the couch" approach and scenarios covering almost every threatening situation in which a woman could find herself with a man, this is a book for all women and girls aged from high school up. And it is tried and proven: Brent has now taught more than 50,000 women how to stay out of danger, and how to extricate themselves if a situation turns ugly. This is real-world advice and it is a book every woman should read.
Publication Date:
02 / 03 / 2001
132 x 210mm

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