How to Click with People: Building the Personal Side of Business

How to Click with People: Building the Personal Side of Business by Rick Kirschner

147 x 218mm

With some people, you just click. The connection is quick and easy. Communication flows. You could tell them anything and they'd know just what you mean. When you connect in this way, you feel understood and accepted for who you really are. You "get" this person and they get you.
We think of this connection as an instantaneous thing, something that either happens or doesn't. Not so, says, author Rick Kirschner. This connection isn't a magical phenomenon; it's a communication skill that can be learned with specific steps and techniques. The strategies in HOW TO CLICK WITH PEOPLE show us how to read people, to use cues to understand what motivates them, and to use that understanding to achieve success. Based on the author's 25-years of experience as an interpersonal communication expert, this book shows readers how to:
* Identify and respond effectively to the four basic communication styles everyone uses.
* Understand both a person's motivation and their position ("MAP").
* Speak the same language as the other person, whether sense-ually or cerebrally.
* Master the 7 Signals people use to know if they are clicking.
* Troubleshoot the 9 obstacles that could be in your way to learn how to avoid or overcome them.
Like Dale Carnegie before him, Rick Kirschner understands that success has less to do with professional knowledge than "the ability to express ideas, to assume leadership, and to arouse enthusiasm among people." In this "How to Win Friends and Influence People" for the twenty-first century, Kirschner gives readers advice and insights to empower them to take charge of their relationships, and their future.

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