How To Look Good Naked: Shop For Your Shape And Look Amazing!

How To Look Good Naked: Shop For Your Shape And Look Amazing! by Gok Wan
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183 x 221mm

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TV's new fashion guru Gok Wan, presenter of 'How to Look Good Naked', shows women of all shapes and sizes how to look great with their clothes on and off! His first book is packed with expert health, beauty and styling advice to make you look and feel fabulous without cosmetic surgery or drastic dieting.

Women are constantly bombarded by images of the 'perfect shape' and targeted by companies selling low-fat products. And a recent survey reveals that 98% of British women are unhappy with their bodies.

Gok Wan, the loveable stylist from 'How to Look Good Naked', wants to change all that. His mission is to boost women's confidence and help you to love what you've got without resorting to drastic dieting or cosmetic surgery.

In 'How to Look Good Naked', Gok draws on his experience of styling models and celebrities to help ordinary women make the most of their bodies - to flatter your best bits and minimise the parts of your body you hate.

'How to Look Good Naked' contains all the tricks of the fashion trade and loads of insider beauty tips to help you feel a million dollars, whatever size or shape you are. With tips on how to choose the right pair of jeans, which underwear will make you slim and super-sexy, how to choose the right accessories to slim you down, plus treatments, exercise advice and more.

Gok says: 'I can slim you down by changing your clothes!' After reading 'How to Look Good Naked', you'll feel like a new woman.
Publication Date:
02 / 07 / 2007
183 x 221mm

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