HypnoBooks: Rising Above Pain: Pain Management - Book & DVD

HypnoBooks: Rising Above Pain: Pain Management - Book & DVD by Susie Rotch
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Date Released
Disc & Paperback
190 x 230mm
Out Of Print

Other Titles by Susie Rotch

Effective Self-Help Techniques and Instruction Utilising the Power of Hypnosis.
Includes DVD.

Help for Chronic Pain Sufferers.

HypnoBooks are guided self help programs which focus on particular difficulties and offer a way forward through a combination of the latest hypnosis and behavioural techniques. It is comprised of two components - a manual which guides the individual through the program and offers opportunities for understanding and assessing the program's effects and a carefully produced DVD which aids in self hypnosis.

At their own pace, in the privacy of their own space, users can benefit from these programs which have been carefully put together, combining the latest techniques in hypnosis and behavioural psychology with an innovative use of DVD-Video medium.

The technique is an extension of psychologist Susie Rotch's own therapies and include the following titles:
- 'Rising Above The Pain' - to help chronic pain sufferers
- 'Sleeping Like A Baby' - to help us achieve better sleep
- 'Growing In Self Esteem' - to help build better relationships with ourselves
- 'Riding The Waves' - to increase the joy of sex and orgasm
- 'Harnessing The Torrent' - to help manage anger effectively
- 'Journey Into Healing' - helping to overcome the effects of chronic illness
Publication Date:
01 / 08 / 2004
190 x 230mm

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