Hysterectomy And The Alternatives

Hysterectomy And The Alternatives by Jan Clark
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How to Ask the Right Questions and Explore Other Options

Every year around 80,000 women in the UK have a hysterectomy. It is one of the most commonly performed operations and, as a result, is seen by many as routine. But many women undergo this treatment without realising what it entails and come out with little aftercare or support. Even more shocking is that more than half of these operations may not be necessary. For, while five to ten per cent are performed to beat cancer, 75 per cent are done to combat menstrual problems or fibroids, which can be solved in other ways.

This book challenges women who are diagnosed as needing hysterectomies to ask questions, stand up to their doctors and demand to explore other options, and it gives women the information to be able to do this. It describes the various types of hysterectomy, the recent developments within orthodox medicine and explores in depth whether complementary therapies such as acupuncture, medical herbalism and homeopathy offer viable alternative treatments. It also offers support and advice for those who have already had the operation, dealing sympathetically with intimate emotional and physical concerns.

An essential reference to anyone who is contemplating or recovering from a hysterectomy.
Publication Date:
15 / 10 / 2000

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