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    Hysterical Blondeness

    By: Suzanne Macpherson

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    Patricia Stillwell went to sleep a brunette and woke up blonde! That experimental weight-loss program she went on had an unexpected -- but not completely unwelcome -- side-effect. Suddenly, the men are taking notice, Patti's taking leave of her senses... and she's having the time of her life!

    First, there's Brett Nordquist -- he's rich and handsome, but what can Patti truly expect from a man who's so obviously a player? Next, there's Paul Costello -- one blazing moment of passion makes her wonder what she's been missing.

    What will happen when Patti morphs back into her former dark-haired self? And does Paul have to start looking so dangerously delicious? With more choices then there are shades of Miss Clairol, Patti makes her decision -- but is it he right one?

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