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    I Think, Therefore I Laugh

    By: John Allen Paulos

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    The Flipside Of Philosophy.

    Like Lewis Carroll, Wittgenstein was obsessed with nonsense, logical confusion and language puzzles. And Groucho Marx could sound like a street-wise Gertrand Russell. The connection between philosophy and humour, argues the acclaimed author of 'Innumeracy' and 'Once Upon A Number', are central aspects of what makes us human. Both involve playing with language, freeing up our minds, puncturing pomposity and undermining easy assumptions.

    This extraordinary book develops the links with jokes, parables, puzzles and comic dialogues, and includes such curiosities as rabbi-logicians, "raven" paradoxes and "sillygisms". Many illuminate issues of intelligence, determinism, probability and proof far better than most textbooks. They are also much more fun.

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