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    Ice-Cream Sandwiches

    By: Mark Hockenhull

    Date Released
    200 x 208mm

    Out of Print

    Enjoy the delicious contrast of rich biscuit and velvety ice-cream in a perfectly poised dessert. Ice-cream - just hearing the word puts a smile on your face and brings back childhood memories of tasting this dairy treat for the first time. And there are few better ways of enjoying it than the delicious contrast of crunchy biscuits in an ice-cream sandwich.

    Ice-cream can be dated back as far as 400 BC, when the Persians mixed snow with saffron and rosewater, while in China, around 200 BC, they mixed ice with milk and rice to create a frozen dessert. Ancient Roman emperors instructed slaves to scale mountains to collect snow that the emperors would then have served with fruit.
    The dessert as we recognise it today was developed in eighteenth-century England. Soon afterwards it was introduced to the United States, where, by the mid-nineteenth century, the invention of a hand-cranked ice-cream maker made it possible for anyone to churn their own ice-cream. It is thought that the ice-cream sandwich first appeared in New York around 1900.

    This book shows you simple techniques and recipes for ice-cream making and biscuit baking, with a whole host of flavour combinations to make ice-cream sandwiches, either as a sweet snack or a decadent dessert for friends and family. And once you master the basics you can experiment with your own ideas to create more wonderfully sweet memories.
    Publication Date:
    02 / 01 / 2013
    200 x 208mm

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