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    By: David McCandless

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    Charts and maps for navigating the information world - this is info-tainment with a purpose...

    Ever wondered who owns all the oil on the planet?
    Questioned what the most popular graffiti words have been since 1970?
    Imagined which charities can bank on celebrity support?
    Considered that there might be a relationship between The Beatles and post-millennium modern art?

    A little knowledge goes a long way, but why stop at just a little? Information Visualisation is a method of presenting in-depth facts, statistics and global trivia in an accessible, highly illustrated way which - when combined in the pages of this stunning book - creates a visual encyclopaedia of absolutely everything.

    Scatterplots, infographs, concept trees and rich pictures offer an insight into popular culture, society, internet, politics, philosophy, the environment - in fact, this book is a graphical guide to any - and all - of the information in the entire world! The Information Atlas is a new way to process the information that surrounds and bombards us in the era of the media and online information sharing. This gorgeous, humorous book is, above all, a useful and highly practical record of the world around us today.

    A blueprint of modern life; charted, plotted and mapped through beautiful colour illustrations that are tactile to hold and easy to flick through but intriguing and engaging enough to study for hours.
    This book is beautiful
    Amazing. Stunning. What the... There are not enough superlatives to heap upon this highly original and thought provoking collection. Top class. Top shelf..
    Greg, 13/01/2012

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