Interconnecting Data Centers Using VPLS

Interconnecting Data Centers Using VPLS by Nash Darukhanawalla & Patrice Bellagamba
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Other Titles by Nash Darukhanawalla & Patrice Bellagamba

'Ensure Business Continuance on Virtualized Networks by Implementing Layer 2 Connectivity Across Layer 3.'

This book describes Cisco's break-through solutions that solve the network traffic problems created by Virtualization technologies.

* Design guidance and configuration examples that follow Cisco best practice recommendations for the new Data Center Interconnect strategy.
* Multiple deployment models provided for readers to choose the solution most compatible with their requirements to ensure their business resiliency.
* Thorough description of data center technologies used in the deployment solutions.

Data availability and business resiliency is becoming a critical requirement for a wide range of enterprises. To address these issues, organizations provide dedicated networks to guarantee performance and high availability. However, this approach can involve significant expenses and complexity. Organizations require cost-effective, comprehensive solutions that provide for economical, efficient, and effective deployment of a network that allows business resiliency. Companies today typically deploy two separate networks: one network for Layer 3, and an optical network that is dedicated to virtualization technologies. Today, these virtualization technologies require Layer 2 connectivity, which has caused an expansion of Layer 2 domains. Larger networks must provide the required Layer 2 connectivity to ensure high availability between geographically dispersed data centers. As a result, customers are facing issues such as maintaining the high availability of applications and dealing with complex multi-site interconnections. Companies require a deployment that effectively transports Layer 2 information, which allows a virtualization solution to operate effectively. The solutions in this book offer significant cost savings by eliminating the need for a dedicated optical network.
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2009

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