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    Interrogations: The Nazi Elite In Allied Hands 1945

    By: Richard Overy

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    Europe in 1945 had been turned into a vast physical and moral wasteland. In the wreckage of defeated Germany the British, American and Soviet forces came face to face with the true horrors of the system they had fought against. This time there was no negotiation with the Germans as there had been in 1918; the leaders of Hitler's Reich were seized as war criminals and thrown into makeshift camps.

    This is the story of these prisoners as they and their captors came to terms with the bloodiest war in human history. Through 'Interrogations' the reader confronts the reality of a savage dictatorship in its death throes. More than thirty interrogations are reproduced to capture the full flavour of the bizarre, psychologically charged response of men in a tough prison regime who not long before had enjoyed all the privileges and esteem of high office.

    This is the history of defeat; stark and disturbing, 'Interrogations' lays bare the human weaknesses that made the Third Reich possible.

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