Intervention Earth: Life-saving Ideas from the World's Climate Engineers by GWYNNE DYER

129 x 197mm

SMART THINKING FOR THE PLANET Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising and weather is becoming more extreme. Most of us know the solution: cut our carbon emissions. There's only one problem -- we aren't doing it. So what else can we do? Over the past four years, Gwynne Dyer has spoken to dozens of the world's leading climate scientists, asking them this question and listening to what they have to say. Should we copy volcanoes and squirt sulphates into the stratosphere to reflect the sun's rays? Can we suck CO2 out of the air and bury it? Invent a clever way to prop up the 'Doomsday' glacier? Or dam the North Sea? The ideas might seem outlandish, but these are desperate times. From fission power to fake meat, from the deep seas to the jet stream, Intervention Earth is a magisterial survey of the most creative scientific thinking on how we might still solve the most frightening problem of our age. AUTHOR: Gwynne Dyer has worked as a journalist, broadcaster and lecturer on international affairs for several decades. He writes a twice-weekly syndicated column on international affairs, published by 175 papers in 45 countries and translated into more than a dozen languages. His books include The Shortest History of War and Climate Wars. SELLING POINTS: . Packed with constructive ideas from scientists on how we can combat global warming . Includes interviews with 50 top climate engineers . An authoritative perspective on a controversial, important and increasingly high-profile topic 20 b/w illustrations

Intervention Earth: Life-saving Ideas from the World's Climate Engineers is scheduled to be released in 4 days.

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