Intimate Solutions: A 21st Century Guide To Managing Your Relationship

Intimate Solutions: A 21st Century Guide To Managing Your Relationship by Andrew Stanway
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215 x 136mm

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The definitive guide to healthy and lasting relationships.

Statistics show that divorce is at an all-time high; four out of ten marriages in the UK end in divorce, while one in ten divorced men and women wish they had stayed together. However, eternal love and happiness can be a reality; couples simply have to learn the skills.

Introducing the concept of relationship management, Dr Andrew Stanway, one of the UK's leading specialists in sexual and marital medicine, offers couples a unique way of flourishing within their relationships. By identifying destructive elements of relationships, such as laziness, stress, money problems and jealousy, one can formulate an action plan to actively manage and therefore overcome relationship problems.

With 25 years of professional marital experience, Dr Stanway knows better than most how to overcome difficulties and in so doing create a strong, long- lasting partnership. This highly practical guide is packed full of questionnaires, practice assignments and management games to help you better understand yourself and the nature of relationships.
Publication Date:
01 / 06 / 2004
215 x 136mm

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