Into The Mirror: The Life Of Robert P. Hanssen - Cassette

Into The Mirror: The Life Of Robert P. Hanssen - Cassette by Lawrence Schiller
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180 x 110mm

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4 Cassettes.

A stunning piece of investigative writing, based upon an investigation by Norman Mailer and Lawrence Schiller.

For fifteen years, government worker Robert Hanssen passed along to the Soviets over 6,000 pages of top secret and classified information, including information on the US investigation of smuggling nuclear weapons to third world countries and our entire plan for the continuity of the US government if suddenly attacked. This is the story behind the man who so heinously betrayed his country.

Based on extensive investigative interviews conducted by Lawrence Schiller and Norman Mailer with members of Robert Hanssen's immediate family, his friends, co-workers, past and present Special Agents of the FBI, former agents of the KGB and SUV organs of the Soviet Union and Russian Government, diplomats of the Soviet Union, and past and present members of the Catholic Church and Opus Dei, this is the first book about the convicted spy that gets behind who he really was and what he was really thinking when he decided to betray his country.
Publication Date:
01 / 12 / 2002
180 x 110mm

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