It All Makes Sense Now by Meredith Carder


From the personal and coaching experience of an ADHDer, actionable tools and techniques to have your ADHD tendencies maximally benefit you.

Do you often feel that your emotions are intense and difficult to regulate? Do you have a seemingly outsized intolerance for boredom? Does time continually fly by in a distressing, and definitely not fun, way?

You're not alone. As cultural and medical awareness around ADHD shifts, millions of adults who are being newly diagnosed with the condition are unclear on what it actually means and how it affects the experience of their everyday life.

Meredith Carder, an ADHD coach and ADHDer herself, shares real-life stories from her coaching and own lived experience to validate the challenges that exist and actionable exercises and strategies to help you-

Harness the power of self-compassion and self-awareness to embrace your unique brain
Build your own toolkit of daily habits to prevent boredom and burnout
Rate your level of focus and plan your energy accordingly
Learn to appreciate your ADHD brain and empower yourself to live a life rich with interest

By learning more about the way your mind works, you too can rewrite your inner dialogue and fully realize the life you want to live.

It All Makes Sense Now is scheduled to be released in 2 months 28 days.

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