It's Not Me . . . It's You: A Modern Girl's Guide To Breaking Up

It's Not Me . . . It's You: A Modern Girl's Guide To Breaking Up by Laurie Frankel
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(And Can We Not Be Friends?)

'Wake up again, this time with your head the size and consistency of way over-boiled cauliflower. Get up to pee. Shuffle down the hall exaggerating footsteps. Lose your balance. Catch yourself on the wall beside the linen closet. Think how pathetic you look.

Pee and wipe yourself and worry that's the only foreign object that will ever touch you down there again. Burst into tears right on the toilet. Heave. Carelessly reach behind you for the box of Kleenex on the toilet tank lid. Knock over a bottle of hair mousse and Stridex pads. Startle the dog.

Swear. Swear again. Swear until the words don't make sense anymore. And then giggle. Giggle like this until you worry you may be losing it.'

There are those moments in life between "male opportunities" (also known as being single), when a woman really only has two choices - she can cry or she can laugh. Here's an edgy, funny book for the contemporary single woman who's seen it all, done most of it and finds that laughter is almost better than Ibuprofen.

This book includes:
- Advice on what to do if you've been dumped
- Incredible but true over-the-top dates
- Facing the horrible truth that once the supposed love of your life dumps you, he may eventually move on to ruin someone else's life - forever
- You are woman - hear yourself roar
- Real questions submitted by real people (these couldn't be made up) to LoveLogic online (and answers, too)

This book belongs in your "get over him and get on with my life" kit, right alongside the chocolates, ice cream, cookies, tissues and mascara.
Publication Date:
01 / 08 / 2003

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