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    By: Tom De Haven

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    It's Superman! is a fun and fast-paced tale of exciting misadventures, ill-fitting costumes and heroic escapades. Beginning in Smallville, a shooting incident at the theatre reveals to Clark Kent that he's bulletproof, and sets him on a path of discovery to his true identity.

    Meanwhile, in Metropolis, Lois Lane's latest ex, Willi Berg, has stumbled upon a horrific murder scene and the involvement of Lex Luthor, a prominent citizen on the rise to power. Willi is framed for the murder, but flees to Smallville, where he meets Clark. Travelling to Hollywood, Clark becomes a stuntman and, given a costume befitting his abilities, discovers he can fly - and Superman makes an unexpected debut in a daring rescue.

    Coming to New York, Willi and Clark meet with Lois, who doesn't believe Willi's tale of a 'Superman'. Clark attempts to get hired at the Daily Planet, and stumbles upon evidence that will clear Willi. Lex Luthor, now a notable politician, has begun the construction of the sinister LexBots, marketed as the must-buy item of the year. But a LexBot has gone rogue, and Superman must reveal himself and meet his greatest nemesis for the first time...

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