Jack Hight

Jack HightJack Hight grew up in Dallas, Texas, a town famous for cattle and cowboys. Both of his grandfathers owned cattle ranches, where he spent many days mending fences, herding cattle, or simply wandering in the woods, a stick in hand in lieu of a sword.

After graduating from Harvard, Hight worked a variety of odds jobs to support his writing habit: waiting tables, working at a talent agency, clerking for a law firm, teaching, and making wine. Hight received a PhD in history from the University of Chicago, and dabbled in academia.

It was then that he began writing fiction full time. He has since published three novels: Siege, Eagle, and Kingdom. Hight has recently finished Holy War, the final book in the Saladin Trilogy, and is hard at work on another work, Bastard, which explores the childhoods of Harold Godwinson and William the Bastard, setting the stage for their great battle at Hastings in 1066.

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