Jinnie - Cassette by Josephine Cox
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141 x 108mm
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The heart-rending sequel to 'The Woman Who Left' following the dramatic and compelling fortunes of the Hunter family.

Jinnie is the child from a one-night liaison between Louise Hunter's husband, Ben, and her own sister, Susan. When Ben takes his own life, and Susan deserts the newborn child, Louise puts aside her own heartache and, after a long and bitter struggle, adopts little Jinnie as her own. Over the years, Louise and Jinnie form a wonderful relationship, and all is well. Until the day a letter arrives from Susan, saying she intends to get Jinnie back.

There are others whose lives are badly affected by the tragic events of the past: Adam, who witnessed his mother's murder, and his sister, Hannah, inwardly traumatised by what she saw that night. And their beloved grandmother, who roams the country with them, trying to keep them safe, and knowing in her heart that the day will soon come when she must take them back to the place where it all happened.

Meanwhile, Eric Forester, who has loved Louise from the start, is determined to stay by her side throughout her troubles, even though he knows she can never allow herself to love him. Not while she is haunted by the guilt of her husband's death, and what drove him to it. Her solace down the years, is little Jinnie, and their close relationship.

But what will happen when Jinnie finds out the truth? It seems Fate is already taking a hand.
Publication Date:
11 / 04 / 2002
141 x 108mm

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