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    By: Gould Wayne

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    It is not just adults who are going nutty over Su Doku. Children are going crazy for the numberplacing puzzles and this is a collection of 150 new puzzles specifically for 714yearolds. Su Doku is based on logic not mathematical ability. This means that even children who struggle with maths can enjoy getting to grips with the puzzles! Teachers are bringing Su Doku into the classroom to introduce children to problem solving. It is not a case of guessing it is a step by step process of elimination. Includes: o Guidelines for tackling Su Doku o 10 6x6 puzzles to get you started o 40 brainteasers o 40 braintwisters o 10 brainsqueezers extra difficult puzzles o Under every puzzle are two boxes one for you to record the time that it took to complete the puzzle and a second box for your record time!

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