Keep It Simple, Stupid

Keep It Simple, Stupid by Judge Judy Sheindlin
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134 x 208mm
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You're Smarter Than you Look - Uncomplicating Families in Complicated Times.

Today's definitions of family is completely unrecognisable from what it was forty, thirty, even twenty years ago. Into the chaos that has become typical of the modern family, Judge Judy Sheindlin attempts to bring some order. With 'Keep It Simple, Stupid', Judge Judy addresses how convoluted family life has become. The traditional nuclear family has expanded to include exes and parents of exes, merging families, stepchildren, lovers, adopted children, in-laws - the list goes on.

There is the ex-wife who wants more child support from husband number one so she can stay home with new baby by husband number two. There are the parents who gave their daughter $30,000 as a wedding gift, only to watch the marriage quickly crumble and their former son-in-law claim half the money. How about the adult son who runs out on his kids, leaving his parents to pay his child support? When it comes to families, Judge Judy Sheindlin has seen it all in her courtroom, and she knows stupidity when she sees it.

Tackling all the explosive issues that drive families crazy - and into court - Judge Judy shares her on-target, brutally honest thoughts on the chaos that is characteristic of today's family and gives a no-holds-barred advice on how to resolve conflict and repair relationships.
Publication Date:
13 / 07 / 2001
134 x 208mm

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