Killing Time - Cassette

Killing Time - Cassette by Caleb Carr
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Caleb Carr
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The year is 2023. The Staphylococcus plague of 2006 has wiped out 40 million people worldwide; the crash of '07 has left the global economy in tatters; and the 2018 assassination of President Emily Forrester has traumatised the nation. It is a new era, and yet most of 2023's technology is easily recognisable to readers from the 20th century. The Internet, for example, is the main source of information for the world's population. But as Dr Gideon Wolfe, a professor of criminal psychology at John Jay University, is about to discover, information is not always knowledge.

This gripping futuristic thriller kicks off with Vera Price, the recently widowed wife of a leading special-effects wizard. She hands Gideon a silver disc from her husband's safe deposit box, hoping that Gideon can track down her husband's killers. Dubious, Gideon views the disc and finds it contains a video of President Forrester's assassination five years previous. It is the same video that has been shown countless times with one shocking difference. This information will lead Gideon Wolfe on an electrifying quest for the truth through the criminal underworld of New York, Florida, and the jungles of Africa.
Publication Date:
01 / 02 / 2003

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