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    Kiwi Bites: Charlotte Frisbie And The Slime Attack

    By: Sutton Sally

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    Charlotte Frisbee is the president of a secret club called PAWS (the Perfectly Amazing Word Society). Along with the other members of PAWS - super-brain Podge, extra-serious Bugsy and freaky-looking Simon - the big excitement of Charlotte's week is getting the club together for word games and general language silliness. That is, until one day when strange things start to happen around the school. What has caused the stinky green slime the kids have noticed around the place? And who stole the S's from the school sign and ripped the S section out of Pugsy's dictionary? Charlotte and her friends strongly suspect the Bookbashers . . . but are they really smart enough to plan such a direct attack on what PAWS loves the most? Soon the cause of the mysterious circumstances is revealed . . . and who would have thought that such a sweet little slime monster could have caused so much confusion?

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