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    Kiwi Bites: The Super Dooper Pooper Scooper

    By: Susan Frame

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    Pete has a few problems. He has to think up an idea for the school science fair and yet he hates science; he has to walk his dog Dizzy every day and pick up her putrid, pongy poos (AND she's an old dog - so when she goes, it's NOT a pretty sight!); he has a snotty little sister Jemima, a nagging Mum, and now Grandad has come to stay for a while! Top that off with class geek Henry Benson (AKA Bunsen Butt) who feels the need to flaunt his science project under Pete's nose. Yep, Pete's life is full of problems.

    As the science fair draws closer, Pete becomes more and more miserable as he realises that he's never going to come up with an idea for a project. That is, until Grandad starts 'brainstorming'. (Pete didn't even know Grandad had heard of that word). Pete soon discovers that two heads are much better than one. The idea they finally come up with is guaranteed to knock Bunsen Butt right out of the water.

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