Listening When Parts Speak

Listening When Parts Speak by Tamala LCSW Floyd


An expert therapist and teacher leads you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing from collective and intergenerational trauma, based in the powerful practice of Internal Family Systems therapy.

The Internal Family Systems (IFS) model of psychotherapy is acclaimed for its power to help us recognize and integrate disparate parts of ourselves-a revolutionary course of treatment that can yield extraordinary results. But not all the work of IFS takes place in the confines of traditional therapy sessions. In this thoughtful and compassionate guide, Tamala Floyd, LCSW, gives readers the resources to expand their "parts work" beyond the therapist's office and into daily life-where the real healing happens.

To write Listening When Parts Speak, Floyd draws on 20-plus years of experience as a psychotherapist, teacher, consultant, and coach specializing in healing trauma, and in particular, intergenerational trauma. Each chapter offers lucid explanations of key concepts, illustrative stories from patients (as well as Floyd's own experience), and a guided meditation that can be used either in between therapy appointments to support and reinforce the work or as a way to begin an IFS therapy journey.

In these pages, readers will-
Explore the healing principles of IFS therapy
Get to know their own parts-including wounded "exiles" and dedicated "protectors"
Foster a trusting connection between the parts and the secure Self that connects them all
Start to free themselves from beliefs that no longer serve them
Connect with the wisdom and guidance of ancestors for deeper understanding and healing

Practitioners, too, will find Listening When Parts Speak an invaluable resource for supporting their patients and enhancing their own practice.

Listening When Parts Speak is scheduled to be released in 2 months 16 days.

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