Makeover Myth

Makeover Myth by Bethanne Snodgrass, MD
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153 x 234mm

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Americans spend billions of dollars on cosmetic surgery, injections, laser treatments, and related procedures every year. The popularity of medical spas and cosmetic treatment "vacations" is skyrocketing. Unfortunately, for too many cosmetic patients, things don't go as smoothly as hoped—botched procedures, dangerous methods, and unqualified providers can all make for a potentially disastrous—even life-threatening—experience. Fortunately, The Makeover Myth by Bethanne Snodgrass, M.D., FACS, is here to help people avoid these and other frightening scenarios.

The Makeover Myth is the most authoritative safeguard available for anyone considering cosmetic treatment. Along with a fascinating look at the cultural phenomenon of cosmetic enhancement, Dr. Snodgrass provides readers with all the information and tools they need to help them get past the hype and glitz, learn about cosmetic medical care realities, and find capable physicians who have their best interests at heart. Dr. Snodgrass draws on her years of clinical experience to expose the misrepresentations and misinformation put out by plastic surgery reality shows. She covers the risks and potential complications of procedures that doctors may not tell their patients. She also reveals the underbelly of the business.

Find out about:

Inexperienced and unqualified doctors performing major cosmetic surgery

Doctors who invent a certifying "Board" so that they appear to have respected credentials

"Professional" cosmetic treatment centers where most procedures are done by unqualified employees

Doctors who push procedures they know have been proven ineffective just to rake in the cash

A must-read for every potential cosmetic medical patient, and their friends and families, The Makeover Myth is the ultimate guide to understanding the reality of cosmetic surgery.
Publication Date:
22 / 11 / 2006
153 x 234mm

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