Man Of The Century: Winston Churchill And His Legend Since 1945

Man Of The Century: Winston Churchill And His Legend Since 1945 by John Ramsden
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An original and revelatory portrait of Churchill post-Second World War which examines the development of his fame and his posthumous reputation, from one of Britain's leading political writers.

John Ramsden is head of the history department at Queen Mary and Westfield College and a first-rate professional historian. He is a brilliant lecturer with an enviable reputation. 'Man Of The Century' is a book on Churchill post-Second World War.

This is not "yet another book" on Churchill, but a fresh, original biographical study of Churchill's post-war fame and reputation, what he was thought to stand for and how that reputation was constructed. It contains a lot of new and revelatory material on how his personality, attitudes, and vision of himself contributed directly to many of the political debates of recent years - particularly attitudes in Europe.

This is not a dry political analysis but an important biographical study of the man who found himself described as the prized possession of the whole world, and of the whole Churchill phenomenon from one of our most interesting and readable historians.

This is Ramsden's turf. This aspect of Churchill has never been dealt with in any depth and he has undertaken extensive new research amongst archives in Britain and the USA - much of which have either not been drawn on before or have only just been released.
Publication Date:
01 / 02 / 2004
129 x 198mm

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