Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus: How To Get What You Want In Your Relationships

By: John Gray

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Nobody knows more about the differences between the sexes than John Gray. He is the man America turns to for help in deciphering the myriad complexities men and women face daily in their interactions with each other. The author of nine bestsellers, including Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, his newest audiobook expands on and distills each message into a powerful, inspiring meditation.

There's no doubt about it: The relationship between men and women is extremely complex. We often forget just how different the sexes are, and become frustrated and confused by a loved one's behavior. We need to be reminded of these differences and realize that it's okay to be different as long as we recognize and understand the behavior of the opposite sex.

In Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Reflections, John Gray provides us with short inspirations that lovingly and insightfully remind us of the contrasts between Mars and Venus, allowing us to get unstuck when dealing with a difficult relationship. The topics discussed are as diverse as relationships themselves. These are selections from his most recent book, Men Are From Mars, Women are From Venus Book of Days.

Whether you need the thoughtful reminders yourself or know a friend or loved one who will benefit from these beautiful meditations, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Reflections is a classic
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2013

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