Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evie

Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evie by Marianne Stillings

114 x 173 x 27mm

I'm dead. Damn.

I was hoping to see how the Mariners wind up this season. Since I was too busy making my millions writing mysteries to have any blood heirs, I've decided to set up a treasure hunt, with the prize being my entire estate.

I've chosen six lucky participants to play, including Evie Randall, who is like a daughter to me, and Max Galloway, my stepson. Max is bull-headed and, for a police detective, he's not too smart about women. And sweet Evie ... She's so busy taking care of everyone else, a man will have to literally sweep her off her feet before she'll notice him. That's why I want them to work together to earn my moolah. Maybe a hard-headed, good-looking guy and an innocent gal will hit it off and find love. Weirder things have happened.

And if it turns out that my death was by less-than-natural causes, Evie and Max might want to join forces to help find my murderer. Of course, that would mean seriously risking their own necks. But what the hell, life is a crap shoot, right? Have fun, kiddies.

The Last Will and Testament of
Thomas Evanston Heyworth
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