Miss You Forever - Cassette

Miss You Forever - Cassette by Josephine Cox
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143 x 108mm
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One winter's night, Rosie finds a woman who has been severely beaten by thugs. At a glance, Kathleen looks like an unkempt, aged vagabond who tramps the roads carrying all her worldly possessions in a grubby, tapestry bag. Her only friend is the mangy old dog who accompanies her; the sum of her life is in the diaries she so jealously guards. Yet close up, Rosie can see that Kathleen has a gracious beauty - the "look" of a respectable lady of means.

Kathleen, though old in years now, is forever young in her heart. There had been times when life had been good and times when she'd despaired. She had known love and laughter, and sadness of a kind that would stay with her until her dying day. Once, a lifetime ago, she'd had a promising future, a family and a reason to hope.

Moved by Rosie's care and compassion, Kathleen entrusts the precious diaries to her. In the soft glow of a night-lamp, Rosie opens the first page. Captivated through the small hours, she uncovers a heartrending tale of stolen dreams, undying love , heartache and loss. But is this really the end for Kathleen?
Publication Date:
12 / 07 / 2001
143 x 108mm

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