Money on Your Mind by Vicky Reynal

135 x 216mm

Financial psychotherapist Vicky Reynal helps us to understand and unpack the roots of our financial behaviours and gives us the steps to resolve our unhealthy money habits.

Do you find it difficult to stick to a budget?
Do you hide purchases from your partner?
Do you often argue about money with your family?

One of the most important relationships we have is with money, yet we are often unaware of what drives our habits and feelings related to it. Money can be a cause of anxiety, shame and conflict in our everyday lives. A complex web of emotional factors, past experiences and personality all determine the money choices you make and how you feel about them. But how can you overcome these emotional hurdles to make better financial choices?

Financial Psychotherapist Vicky Reynal dives into different money behaviours such as overspending, underspending, money secrets and self-sabotage to reveal how our past experiences impact our relationship with money. Reynal reveals how an emotionally absent parent can result in comfort shopping, how bullying in school can lead to overspending on nights out to be liked and how absorbing a parent's lack of boundaries can stop you from making rational financial decisions. Through a mix of case studies, client stories and expertise in psychotherapy, Money on Your Mind will help you unpack and understand what is driving your financial behaviours for an improved and healthier relationship with money.

Money on Your Mind is scheduled to be released in 2 months 21 days.

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