More Than Riches - Cassette

More Than Riches - Cassette by Josephine Cox
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102 x 130mm
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2 Cassettes.
Read by Carole Boyd.

"You'll never let it go, will you?"

"Taken aback by the hatred in her eyes, he wanted to tear out her heart. I'll let it go when you stop wanting him!, he hissed. Then he covered his head with his hands and cried like a child."

When Rosie's parents were involved in a train accident, her mother was killed and her father was left crippled, unable to earn a living and relying on Rosie to keep the wolf from the door.

With her mother gone and her sweetheart Adam away in the army, Rosie is lonely. She eagerly awaits the letters from him, but they never come. As she grows more disillusioned, Adam's best friend Doug goes out of his way to be charming and attentive. Alone and confused, Rosie blossoms under his evil influence. Soon she is carrying Doug's baby and her father has thrown her out of the house. Realising she has no choice, she agrees to marry Doug.

As if she isn't in enough trouble, Rosie's whole world falls apart when a warm and wonderful letter arrives from Adam . . . telling her he's on his way home.
Publication Date:
06 / 11 / 2003
102 x 130mm

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