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    By: Brian Lumley

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    The three concluding novels in the epic 'Titus Crow' saga. Three landmark novels of the Cthulhu Mythos:

    'Spawn of the Winds'
    In which a part of gifted human psychics seeks Ithaqua, Lord of the Winds, in the frozen north - only to find themselves abducted to Borea, an alien ice-world where the Wind-Walker is the undisputed Lord and Master!

    'In the Moons of Borea'
    Hank Silberhutte, Henri-Laurent de Marigny and friends join battle with cavern-dwelling Ice-Priests, last members of an evil sect from the dawn of time. Sworn to serve the Wind-Walker, his alien minions will do anything to appease their dark master - to the point of sacrificing his own daughter to the Thing that Walks on the Wind!

    Elysia, home of the Elder Gods, is under threat! But ranged against the Dark Forces, the heroes of three epic Mythos series - David Hero and Eldin the Wanderer, of Earth's Dreamland, the wizard Exior K'mool, of the Primal Land, and Titus Crow and Co - will fight it out to be bitter end. For at last the stars are right and Great Cthulhu is risen!

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