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    By: Richard Jones

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    Nature is renowned for its staggering beauty. But it conceals a hidden world more stunning than anything we can see with the naked eye‚ a world that can only be viewed through a scanning electron microscope. At the furthest reaches of human technological achievement‚ this powerful microscope can magnify up to an astounding 200‚000 times‚ producing images that unveil a world of unimaginable beauty and compelling complexity.

    More surreal than any works of art‚ Nano Nature brings these images out of the high-tech science laboratory and into the public domain‚ revealing a wealth of extraordinary patterns and improbable structures. The scales of a moth appear as delicately fluted leaves‚ individual bristles on a caterpillar's face are as distinct as trees in a forest‚ arrow-headed hairs on a carpet beetle larva look like spears in a warrior army. Combining spectacular imagery with fascinating narrative‚ this book uncovers an amazing world beyond imagination‚ giving us a unique glimpse into the hidden complexities of nature in all its glory.

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