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    By: Stephen Baxter

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    Part of the NASA series

    From the Moon to the Earth . . . tons of mineral samples were brought back from the Moon during the Apollo missions. Among them was a chunk of Moon bedrock, found by astronaut Jays Malone. NASA kept it in storage for decades. No one suspected the awesome secret it contained. Then geologist Henry Meacher - his career at JPL in ruins, his marriage over, in exile at Edinburgh University - makes a study of the neglected sample. When the Moon rock accidently comes into contact with lava from Edinburgh's extinct volcanoes, he witnesses solid rock turning to seething dust. This is the Moonseed. Inspired, terrified, Henry is the first to understand the pitiless logic of the Moonseed: it eats planets, and it's here.

    Henry confronts a mystery that reaches back across five billion years to the formation of the Earth itself. And he must implement a final, desperate gamble to deliver the last hope of mankind . . . from the Earth to the Moon.

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