No Lights, No Sirens

No Lights, No Sirens by Robert Cea
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111 x 181mm

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A New York Police officer's relentless real journey into the criminal netherworld, told with brutal truth and honesty.

'No Lights, No Sirens' is the harrowing true story of an officer who, on his way to becoming one of the most highly decorated cops in NYPD history, lost his soul...

Robert Cea began his career as an idealistic young man, a gifted lawman who would right wrongs and make the world a better place by putting away the bad guys. But whatever he'd learned at the academy did not prepare him for the streets, the thugs, or the depravity he'd encounter. "I'd sworn it would never get to me." he writes, "that I'd never turn into the monsters I was chasing. I was wrong." And become a monster he did, during his relentless journey into the criminal netherworld.

Brutally authentic, as gritty and graphic as the life itself, Cea's story takes readers into the cruisers and onto the streets to show how the law was -- and continues to be -- routinely bent to stay one step ahead of the criminals. Cea painstakingly reveals his slow downward spiral into the depths of hell that would shatter his conscience, destroy his marriage, and corrupt his mind. It would all lead to a final attempt at redemption that would nearly cost him his life.

Illuminating a hidden side of law enforcement that cannot be imagined, 'No Lights, No Sirens' is as gripping as it is terrifying, a morality tale with repercussions for us all.
Publication Date:
22 / 11 / 2006
111 x 181mm

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