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    Obama's Enforcer: Eric Holder's Justice Department

    By: John Fund

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    From "Fast and Furious" to the unprecedented surveillance of journalists, Eric Holder's Justice Department has become the dark side of the Obama Administration. The attorney general (and Obama family friend) is at the center of a growing list of scandals and congressional investigations. He frequently is either not fully briefed ("I don't know") or contradicted by the facts - as when he denied on May 15, 2013 that he had approved any secret surveillance of journalists. When it was revealed that he had personally signed off on the investigation, calls were heard across the political spectrum for him to resign. Yet Holder hung on and it is clear he has Obama's full support. According to the New York Post's Michael Walsh, "Holder shares the president's mind on issues and speaks as Obama himself would. ... For Obama to fire him would be like firing himself." Holder survives because he is the heat shield for the Obama administration, protecting Obama's flank on numerous fronts: the bugging of AP reporters' phones, the IRS scandal, deliberate leaking of classified documents to favored reporters, the failure to prosecute financial malefactors and much more. He also survives because is actively advancing Obama's hidden political agenda, from the administration's war on FOX News and the harassment of Tea Party activists to ginning up racially-charged protests in Florida in the Trayvon Martin case. Holder has injected a new politically-correct laxity into domestic security issues, eliminating use of the words "radical Islam" and pushing for civilian trials for terrorists. He has also presided over an unprecedented expansion of politically-correct actions at the DOJ's Civil Rights Division. The book will recount the close personal association of Holder and Obama (and their wives), describe the transformation of the DOJ into a stronghold of progressive legal activism, and provide in-depth portraits of the radical lawyers in Holder's inner circle. The core of the book is a series of chapters reviewing the DOJ's activities by department or area including National Security, Fast and Furious, Financial Industry, Harassment of Business, Foreign Corrupt Practices, and the partisan abuses of the Voting Section. It will also document the internal persecution and purging of conservatives at the DOJ and will detail Holder's prevarications, evasions, misstatements and outright lies.

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