O'Hara's Choice - CD by Leon Uris
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149 x 139mm

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Duty to country, love for family and a doomed passion intertwine in the latest epic by the bestselling author of such classics as 'Trinity' and 'Battle Cry'.

Irish immigrant Paddy O'Hara was a legendary Marine - one of the first - and the inspiration for a fraternity of Marine brothers who call themselves the Wart Hogs. There are those in the government who would like to see this unruly band of brothers dissolved, and the Navy given sovereign rule of the waves. The Marines' one hope just may lie in Zachary O'Hara, the young, brash, fiercely intelligent son of their hero Paddy.

As Paddy O'Hara's son, Zachary practically grew up in the Marines, and is as dedicated to saving the Corps as any Wart Hog. But he hadn't planned on failing in love, and certainly not with the passionate, obstinate heiress Amanda Kerr, daughter to one of the biggest industrialists in the country.

But more than just differences in background could come between Zachary and Amanda: Paddy's son is haunted by a secret he can never tell, a secret that may force him to choose between a stunning career as an officer in his beloved Corps or living with the woman who fulfill his every desire.
Publication Date:
01 / 12 / 2003
149 x 139mm

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