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    By: Will Hutton & Anthony Giddens

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    Capitalism has become the universal social and economic order of our time. Throughout the twentieth century it was challenged from right and left, only to emerge with greater force than ever before. All its major rivals are vanquished.

    Globalisation brings new possibilities, but also new risks, ranging from the degradation of the environment to the concentrated control of the media. On the level of everyday life, fundamental changes are occurring in the nature of the family, gender relations and sexuality.

    'On The Edge' charts the contours of contemporary capitalism, analyses the role of the business firm in the new context of innovation and competitiveness; discusses the impact of globalisation, especially in finance; and considers whether the new capitalism is compatible with social cohesion and social justice. The contributors discuss capitalism both as a form of culture and as an influence on daily life, and they ask if capitalism has any viable political rivals at the turn of the millennium.

    Contributors include Ulrich Beck, Manuel Castells, Jeff Faux and Larry Mishel, Arlie Russell Hochschild, Robert Kuttner, Richard Sennett, Vandana Shiva, George Soros, Polly Toynbee, Paul A Volcker.

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