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    By: Michael Marshall Smith

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    Ever wondered where you go to dream?

    May we introduce you to Stark - and by the way, good luck.

    Stark is the hero the future is waiting for - God help it. He's smart, alarmingly cool and has immaculate taste in shirts. He's a troubleshooter in the City, a lawless sprawl of Neighbourhoods which covers the country from coast to coast. Each is totally geared to the desires of those who live in it, from can-do corporate types, through deranged criminals, to people who just don't like loud noises.

    Stark accepts a job from Zenda Renn, the human face of the Action Centre - where people who have to be doing something all the time hang out. Someone's missing. Zenda needs him found, and soon.

    In a world where the past and future, reality and dreams meet and have a fist fight, Stark is the only man who can make the difference. Time's running out and there's no going back. Only forward.

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