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    By: Nina Shandler

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    Women Speak Out About Loving and Letting Go of Their Adolescent Daughters.

    "Where are you going dressed like that?"; "I never did that at your age"; "You were such a lovely baby."; "Where did I go wrong?"

    Ring any bells? If you've ever been exposed to the teenage maelstrom of hormones, angst, fear and anger you'll recognise the sentiments. But what about the mothers? Who helps them to help themselves, and their daughters? For the first time, mothers talk with humour, pathos, candour, insight and, ultimately, optimism about rejection and separation, love and sex, drugs, alcohol, menstruation and the mother-daughter bond.

    From the mother of Sara Shandler, the author of the bestselling 'Ophelia Speaks', 'Ophelia's Mum' draws on the feelings and uncertainties of hundreds of mothers to show that you're not crazy, and you're certainly not alone in your frustration, confusion and exhilaration over raising an adolescent daughter.

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