Overshoot by Wim Carton & Andreas Malm & Wim Carton & Andreas Malm

153 x 234mm

It might soon be far too hot on this planet. What do we do then? In the era of "overshoot", schemes abound for turning down the heat – not now, but a few decades down the road. We’re being told that we can return to liveable temperatures, by means of technologies for removing CO2 from the air or blocking incoming sunlight. If they even exist, such technologies are not safe: they come with immense uncertainties and risks. Worse, like magical promises of future redemption, they might provide reasons for continuing to emit in the present. But do they also hold some potentials?

In Overshoot: Climate Politics When It's Too Late, two leading climate scholars subject the plans for saving the planet after it’s been wrecked to critical study. Carbon dioxide removal is already having effects, as an excuse for continuing business-as-usual, while geoengineering promises to bail out humanity if the heat reaches critical levels. Both distract from the one urgent task: to slash emissions now. There can be no further delay. The climate revolution is long overdue, and in the end, no technology can absolve us of its tasks.

Overshoot is scheduled to be released in 2 months 2 days.

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