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    Passport To The Cosmos

    By: John Mack

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    Human Transformation and Alien Encounters

    In 'Passport to the Cosmos', Pulitzer-Prize winner Dr John Mack powerfully demonstrates how the alien abduction phenomenon calls for a revolutionary new way of examining the nature of reality and our place in the cosmos. In this book Mack shares the dramatic stories of people who have been abducted and looks at how their experiences have transformed them. Those interviewed range from doctors to waitresses, Native American shamans to African witchdoctors. They vividly describe their powerful meetings with aliens, the sexual experiments, the alien-human hybrids and the feeling of contact with another world.

    Mack brings a psychological analysis to these encounters that broadens our definition of "what is real" and allows us to explore a phenomenon that has deep and lasting implications for humanity. Likening alien encounters with other altered states of consciousness - spiritual awakening, vision quests, drug experiences - Mack questions how we explain the unexplainable and looks at the differences between the material world and the spirit world and the indigenous cultures that see no distinction between them.

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