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    By: David Pickering

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    A gold mine of information for all fact addicts!

    - When was the Hubble telescope launched?
    - What were the seven wonders of the ancient world?
    - Can you say to which order ants, bees and wasps belong?
    - What is the correct form of address for a mayor?
    - What was the population of the world in AD 1000?
    - What is the nickname of the state of Oklahoma?
    - When will Easter fall in the year 2010?
    - Which actor won Best Actor at the Oscars the year that 'Casablanca' won Best Film?
    - Which newspaper has the highest circulation in the UK?

    Whether you need to compile or solve a quiz, write an essay, complete a crossword, settle an argument or simply extend your general knowledge, this fascinating book puts the facts at your fingertips.

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