Philip And Elizabeth

Philip And Elizabeth by Gyles Brandreth
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The first substantial, authoritative biography of The Queen and Prince Philip.

This is the first biography of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh - both royal, both great-great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria, but, in temperament and upbringing, two very different people. The Queen's childhood was loving and secure, the Duke's was turbulent: his grandfather assassinated, his father arrested, his family exiled, his parents separated when he was only ten. Elizabeth and Philip met as cousins in the 1930s. They married in 1947, aged twenty-one and twenty-six. A little more than four years later, they were Queen and consort. For almost sixty years theirs have been among the most famous faces in the world - yet the personalities behind the image remain elusive and the nature of their marriage is an enigma.

'Philip & Elizabeth' tells the extraordinary story of these two contrasting lives, assesses their achievement, together and apart, and explores the nature of their relationships, with one another and with their children. Here is a unique royal biography: the author has met all the principal players in the story: he quotes no anonymous sources; he has had privileged access to the Queen: he has known the Duke of Edinburgh over twenty-five years and has interviewed him.
This is a powerful and revealing portrait of a remarkable partnership, told with authority and unique insight, and illustrated with Prince Philip's family photographs and pictures from the Queen's royal collection.
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2005
197 x 130mm

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