Polyvagal Prompts by Deb Dana & Courtney Rolfe


Polyvagal Theory, developed by researcher and scientist Dr. Stephen Porges and popularized by therapist Deb Dana, has impacted countless lives. It has changed the way therapists work with their clients and provided a pathway toward healing for those who have experienced hardship or trauma. In Polyvagal Prompts, Deb Dana and Courtney Rolfe invite readers to explore their nervous systems through Polyvagal Theory with engaging questions and exercises, which readers can respond to directly in the pages of the book. Readers are guided in noticing their systems, listening with curiosity, and reflecting on what they learn. The prompts can be used as a daily practice or to explore specific topics at the reader's own pace, and are also ideal for helping clients track and reflect upon their polyvagal-informed therapies. No matter how readers decide to explore, Polyvagal Prompts offers an invaluable opportunity to begin the life-changing journey of befriending one's nervous system.

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